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Translation company in Barcelona

We are a team of native translators, revisers and project managers who strive every day to achieve excellence. The experience we have gained over the past 25 years has demonstrated to us that coordination between all the members of the team is essential to achieving the very highest quality within the shortest possible deadlines. We therefore continue to do training and endeavour to work alongside a stable group of translators who are able to deliver the high standards of quality that our clients expect of us.

Interglossa has worked for large and small companies, both local and international. It endeavours to keep in close contact with its clients at all times and does its utmost to give quick responses and efficient solutions to their problems. The success of your business may depend on how well your policies, advertisements, agreements or annual reports are translated. We are well aware of this and take great pains to understand exactly what our clients require and work to their deadlines, without letting a single detail get past us!

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Interglossa's workflow

At Interglossa, we are acutely aware that quality is achieved on a day-to-day basis thanks to the implementation of a client-driven work policy, reasonable prices, a totally reliable quality control system and, above all, a concerted effort at continual improvement.

The result of these efforts was the introduction of an efficient management system that has been fine-tuned for our translation projects based on the requirements, processes and procedures of EU standard UNE-EN 15038 for translation service providers.

The diagram below shows the process all documents go through in our quality control system:


Documentation received.
It is entered into the project management system.

The client sends us a text to be translated, which is put on record and entered into our project management program.

The project is assigned to a project manager (PM).

The PM arranges the conditions of the service, the delivery deadline and the cost with the client, as well as any special features the client believes worth highlighting.

The PM will then be responsible for monitoring the project throughout the translation process.


A PM sets up the job and assigns it to a translator.

The PM examines the documentation sent in, the specific requirements of the project and of the client.

The PM looks at any available reference materials and compiles it if thought necessary, and gives instructions to both the translator and reviser.

The MP assigns the project to a translator and reviser based on their specialisations and language combinations.


Text translation and editing.

This is the part of the process that is essentially devoted to the task of translating.

The translator may fall back on any specialised translation tools that help produce a higher quality and more consistent text.

Any questions the translator may have at this stage are passed on to the PM, who will in turn put them to the client.


Revision and proofreading.

At this stage, the text undergoes extensive quality control through the revision and proofreading processes.


Delivery to the client.

The PM checks that the final documentation fulfils all of the client's requirements.


Post-translation, update of terminology
and client feedback.

Any comments made by the client about the actual translation, the use of certain terminology, etc., will be examined in order to adjust our style as much as possible to the needs of each individual.

Translation memories are then updated accordingly.


Documentation put on record.

The documentation is put on record for later reference.