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Translations in Barcelona

sworn translation


A sworn translation in Spain is done by an official translator appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The translation, which must always be accompanied by a photocopy of the original document translated, comes with a certificate at the end with the translator’s details and signature that certifies that the translation is faithful to the original.

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spell check barcelona

Copy editing
and proofreading

We provide a service to check for spelling and grammatical mistakes if this is what you wish, but if you prefer we can go a little further and make suggestions to improve the style of your texts so that the message you wish to put across reaches your audience more clearly.

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Translation agency Barcelona


At Interglossa we believe that there is no such thing as the translation of “general” texts. All of the texts that we translate are from a specific field or specialisation, have a very clear-cut purpose or audience and, therefore, require a choice of vocabulary and style adapted to their function and readership.

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linguistic translator barcelona


During the translation process we are more than willing to discuss any doubts or suggestions about the texts or to solve other problems a client may encounter in writing a text in whatever language. We try to give objective, well-founded answers and to clear up any problems as soon as possible.

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About us

barcelona translation company

We are a dynamic translation company located in Barcelona with over 25 years of experience in delivering general language services, and translations in particular. The combination of the best professionals and the most advanced technological resources places us ahead of other companies in Spain that work in the largely unknown field of translation.

We live by four common denominators in the delivery of our services: quality, essential to our field of work; flexibility, indispensable in an increasingly globalised world; confidentiality, without which we would be unable to work with many of our current clients; and a personalised service, which gives us extra added value.

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